Thing 26

Here it is day 26 already. After the big adventure this weekend, I brought home plenty of sea salt from Rio Lagartos and a 50 kilo bag of corn from some small town in the Yucatan. I don’t have a salt mill but I put some salt in the vitamix and ground it fine so now I have about a pound of sea salt ready to use and an undisclosed but overwhelming quantity in larger form. Just a short while back I was lamenting the lack of basic necessities for a southern girl here such as cornmeal and grits. But today I also took a couple cups of corn and put them in the vitamix to grind. After sifting the ground corn, what went through the sifter was cornmeal and what did not was grit sized. My chickens got some of the grits but I mixed up an iron skillet of cornbread so I’m happy today. 50 kilos is a lot if corn though so I’m sure I’ll be finding some new recipes too. And spoonbread. And……..









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