Thing 25

My friend Jan is in need of a boyfriend so to end our weekend journey, we stopped by the prison outside of Valladolid to look around. We decided to shop for hammocks at the prison as they are reputed to be some of the very best ones around. Inmates make them and guards sell them for very reasonable prices. We found that Jan’s new hammock was made by Luis Alvarez so he is the new boyfriend. Of course this process and boyfriend selection business is completely unknown to Luis but we can say that he made a beautiful hammock.






  1. Ellen Rosenberg

    You are so funny, Betsy! Miss you. I don’t need a boyfriend but do need a new hammock!

  2. Great! Now I know where to go. I currently have neither though I’ve found in the past that a relationship with one can be difficult to get out of and it is likely to throw you on the ground when you try. I have no experience with hammocks.

  3. Ellen Rosenberg

    I will take you up on that one of these days, Betsy. Miss you and Isla.

  4. leahmama1

    These are so beautiful! I wonder how long it took to make?! Boyfriends are hard to come by in Japan too. i have several lovely Japanese ladies a\that are looking too. Maybe I should just get them a hammock instead!

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