There’s no dog there now, Charlie.



I’m 99% sure this gate is by Steve Baker at Wholly Terra. I’ve seen several pieces, often transoms, around Hamden/Medfield by him. Several months ago a little dog barked at Charlie from the other side of this gate. I don’t think he’s ever forgotten it. I remember it particularly because I spoke with a person in the yard and it wasn’t her dog; it was the neighbor’s. They left the fence open between the yards and let the little dog patrol both. Rather sweet, I thought.

Just as a bonus we saw these cars today: a Jeep Scout and a Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

IMG_1337       IMG_1336




About Susan Brandt

I am an artist concentrating on hand-painting silk. I sell online (, at craft shows and in shops. I don't have a plan for Thing-A-Day 2014, though, as always, it will most likely involve new hand-painted silk stuff.

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