Day 26: Yarn for Crocheted Socks

Yarn and HooksIt’s a beautiful day outside and I needed some exercise, so I walked the four miles round trip to the nearest yarn store and back to buy some sport weight yarn so I could try out the crocheted sock pattern shown at right. I always feel a few moments of guilt buying new yarn instead of using what I have, but honestly, I didn’t have any yarn in the stash that would work for this pattern!

One could argue that I really didn’t need to start a pair of crocheted socks right this minute,  but hey, we could say that about any of these endeavors, right? Sometimes you just gotta buy new yarn. Crocheted Socks Pattern

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  1. You are within walking distance (ambitious walking distance, for me, anyway) of a yarn store. That is dangerous. Keeps your stash size large and your dress size small.

  2. Yes it CAN be dangerous! The variety store is less than one mile away, but they carry only worsted weight yarn. Luckily.

  3. Dancing Ferret Design

    Oh, I love crocheting socks but they take forever! I bought a sock loom and it wasn’t any faster. Hope to see your progress.

  4. Uh oh! Forever is a long time. I hope I can have them done before then!

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