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plant support1 

I have been busy in the garden today so have not really had time to sit down and do something specially for Thing-a-Day so I am posting a rather creative solution to a problem shrub in my garden.

In the autumn I moved a very large kerria japonica plant to a new location and was not sure if it would survive the brutal event.  Today I was pleased to see buds developing on it, but it was really straggly and untidy.  I did have it supported with bamboo canes but still a lot of the stems flopped outward.

As the stems seemed to be quite flexible I bent some of the lower shoots to go around the entire plant, intertwining the finer side shoots as I went, thus creating a loose ring of stems around the bush.  Since these are still attached to the plant and have a lot of buds on them I am hoping that they will continue to thrive and flower thereby creating a golden ring of support around the plant.  Time will tell!!!


plant support2












This is what kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ looks like and how I hope it will look soon!!



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I am the mother of 4 wonderful people and a grandmother of 5 but sadly, my oldest grandchild died after a road traffic accident in 2010. I have been married to my wonderful husband – and my best friend – since 1981. I have always been creative – for as far back as I can remember – and having spent many years as a ‘mature art student’ and finally graduating in 2007, I spent some time working on my own range of pure silver jewellery. Recent events called a halt to my silver work and in many ways my desire to do anything creative but I realise now that I need to be making things again. I am hoping that this year's Thing-a-Day will help me back onto the creative pathway.

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