10 days worth (get ready)

i’m a bit behind, but i still want to recognize the great week i’ve had



19: i attended a women’s entrepreneur’s luncheon and met some amazing women. right after that luncheon, i received a disappointing phone and was able to exercise my ability to separate the event from my personal self-worth, allowing me to still have a great rest of the day… i also spent an hour with a new friend and having a great business meeting, but i’d say that this successful exercise was probably the best part of my day and it kept me on a high note the rest of the day. (maybe that ladies’ networking helped?)

20: met with a new mentor who had a lot of great advice – spent another couple of hours working out my ideas around his advice. i ended up not having time for lunch, but my next meet was in chinatown, so i had one of my favorite under $5 lunches: 2 baked bbq pork buns and a cocktail bun. i had a massive allergy attack the entire day, but i managed to get through the day, go home and nap in the afternoon to get some energy back and go out to dinner with friends.

21: after some morning meetings, i was still wiped out from the previous day’s allergy issues and i felt instantly lucky to be able to go home and sleep it off. unfortunately, i woke up feeling a bit worse, so i spent the evening chillaxing to try and fight what i thought was turning into a cold! sometimes you have to have a forced break.

22: woke up the next day still not feeling 100%, but not feeling sick either – somewhere in between. decided to just take it REALLY EASY since i got a phone call that a cousin was in town and i hadn’t seen HER in 5 years!

23: some new friends invited us to their new apartment in downtown SF for an intimate housewarming party (8 people total). their apartment is on the 37th floor and has a wrap around porch with views from sutro tower to coit tower (about 270 degree views) and it was spectacular. but even more than that, it was really so great to get to know the people at this party – such warm, lovely couples!

24: spent the day with a cousin i haven’t seen in about 5 years and an old friend who i haven’t seen or spoken to in 28 years! i met her husband and adorable 8 year old daughter. such a beautiful family!

25: super grateful to have days when i can regroup and collect my thoughts, appreciate the last couple of amazing days and plan my approach for the ones following

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i love to: make friends | uplift women | make things | ride bikes.

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