Day 24: Discouraged

There are good flying lessons and then there are lessons where I feel like I’ve taken 2 steps backward. Today was one of those days. 

Sometimes I feel as if I am personally changing the statistics for how long it takes to get a private pilot’s license, by double!

Beautiful clear day. No clouds. Light wind. An airmet for moderate turbulence. Horrible spot landings. Worse steep turn. UGH. 

At least I didn’t hit an SUV on the runway like this guy did.

And HE passed his checkride.

I suppose if he can do it, so can I.

I also think he shouldn’t be flying!

About nysakline

I am one of those people who tries to do too much: Mother, Wife, Student Pilot, Fine Bookbinder, Amateur Printer, International Wine Production Manager, Avid Crafter, Compulsive Photographer, etc.


  1. preciouseyes

    Reblogged this on Designs By Peaches and commented:
    I know just how you are feeling. Although, please try to look at the negative times as a chance to refresh yourself and gather new ideas. There’s a world of them out there just waiting for you to
    tap them.

  2. I’m sorry today was a bad day. If it were easy, anybody could do it and not anybody can. Shoot, a lot of people don’t want to be in the front of an airplane watching the earth go by, too scary. You will have a greater sense of accomplishment having overcome something difficult.

  3. Thank you both for your comments and words of encouragement!

  4. Adding my comment–two years ago my husband gave me a flying lesson for my birthday because he knew it was my dream to one day learn to fly. I have not taken another one since…so many excuses. If you have a bad day or lesson, please tell yourself that you are at least flying! A bad day is still a day in the air. So many of us dream it, but don’t take the steps to do it. I admire you.

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