TAD 21-something new in the studio-bayoupots

I had the luxury of spending all day in my studio playing with clay. When I have big blocks of time, I tend to try new things. A while back I was making these serving  trays using leaf impressions and blue and green glazes. I have wanted to try some new color combos and designs, since there is a scarcity of nice veiny leaves right now. When I rolled out the clay, I really liked how the edge had a crumbly texture to it-reminding me of coral or something from the beach. I then got out my scissors and newspaper and cut out some shapes that reminded me of waves and amoebas, dampened them and put them on the clay slab. I nestled the slab on a form and dabbed brown underglaze over the negative space around the stencils and removed the stencils once the underglaze soaked into the wet clay. Later, when the clay had firmed up a bit, I used tools to pierce holes of various sizes into the edge of the tray to give it some further interest–like bubbles. Tomorrow when it is firmer, I will spatter some brown underglaze on the piece to give it a bit more visual texture. I have to do a few glaze tests to see if I will use a very light  honey color transparent glaze over this or possibly a pale blue-so I won’t lose the contrast. Would love to be able to soda  or wood fire this for a nice toasty look!


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