Heritage Cooking 22: Mormon Fish Chowder


Easy and delicious, Hiroo gave it a a big thumb’s up! Simple ingredients: haddock, potatoes, milk and onion! I added a few clams to give it extra flavor but it would be fine without.

2 lbs haddock or other white fish

4 oz. salt pork

1 cup chopped onion

4 medium potatoes, cubed

2 cups water

2 teas salt

1/4 teas pepper

2 cups milk

1 13-oz can of evaporated milk ( I omitted it)

2 T flour and a little water ( thickening)

Saute salt pork, add onion and saute. Stir in potatoes and water. Add salt pepper and fish fillets. Simmer on low. I removed fish after a few minutes and set aside. Cook till potatoes are tender. Thicken and check seasonings adding more salt if needed. Stir in fish when you serve. ( It will break up into pieces)


About leahmama1

I love to cook Japanese food, vegan food and all kinds of cake and bread. My sourdough rye bread is my favorite. And this year's project is taking photos of the Japanese countryside, events and people here. I have lived in Japan for 40 years this week! On thingaday2013 I am cooking recipes form the American Heritage Cookbook (1975). These are historic and ethnic and regional dishes from across the country!

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