Day 22 – Fun with Photo Manipulation

Last night, I was reminded of  a photo shoot I had done back in November, having been asked if I had received the photos, which I had. I decided today to play with Photoshop and have some fun with the shots from the cosplay project a friend of mine and I had done. These shots were taken in a basement, because we ran out of daylight to take them properly outside, not to mention the lack of destruction to be found to make some really bad ass ones, because of this, I had to superimpose these shots with some photos of destruction I had found online. Took a little longer than I had anticipated (any photo restoration, or manipulation should never be rushed, anyway), as I had run into some “snags” with the project shots, themselves. They were grainy and the color was a bit bland, considering the character. All these had to be considered within the composition and, as such, had to “correct” those flaws. I feel more work and practice needs to be done (I have plenty of other photos to fool around with, to boot), but I’m pretty satisfied with the results, to say the least.


Critiquing, advice, or help with the manipulation, or the program, are greatly appreciated.



  1. If this is you I’m scared to say anything!

    :) Okay, but even if it is you, I like it, just the difference in crispness between the background and person is distracting. I think it has something to do with the skin because the black looks okay in the middle (bust and shorts thing). I think it’s also a lighting difference because there are sharper contrasts in the background. I’m sorry if that’s something very hard to fix. Maybe the background can be brought to be more like the figure? Just an idea.

    • I hear you on that, the crispness between the two photos. Considering how it looked before, I didn’t mind how it turned out. Thanks for your input, though. It’ll help on the next one. :)

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