Thing 20

Thing 20 started a while back with a piece of clear acrylic? pipe that came out of someone’s trash. I brought it home and immediately measured up a bamboo placemat I had bought against it and tada! They were the same height. I knew I had a project. Yesterday, a piece of black acrylic got cut to match the end of the pipe and a hole put in the center to allow a light fixture to be attached. That piece of plastic was epoxied to the clear pipe on one end. Tonight the bamboo placemat was glued on and is now drying. A few more pieces of bamboo have to be added and then it’s a lamp.






  1. Really cool! I feel like a chump buying a ready-made lamp to cover. I saw a lamp at Target that made me think about actually making the whole thing. Are these bulb/cord things easy to find? I haven’t noticed them at the local craft store.

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