TAD 21: Hair scrunchies

TAD Day 21

Two versions, one loopy and one simple.  Useful little scrap yarn project if you are like me and still use these even though I’ve been told they are far, far out of style.  They just make pulling the hair out of my face too quick & easy to give them up.


About alookatthelittlethings

I completed a 365 year of making challenge in 2015 and decided to see how long I could keep it going. I jump around from craft to craft, but trying new things is what keeps life interesting.


  1. cjtheoracle

    I’ve been told scrunchies are out of style but I just plain don’t care! They’re so useful! Those are really cute, too!

  2. I’ve made them from silk squares and actually sold some at shows. Not a lot, but some.

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