Meet Dill and Basil Coppertag

herb tags

Let me introduce you to my new range of embossed copper labels for my herb garden!  I found these blank copper labels in my local hardware store but instead of simply writing on them with a ball point pen I decided to go a bit upmarket and create a raised embossed name tag.

I found a nice font on the computer and made labels of the correct size but printed them out as a mirror image.  I could then cut these out and working from the back of the copper sheet, trace round the letters to create the embossed word.  The letters were sharpened by running the ballpoint pen nib around the embossed letters on the obverse side.

I think these will look great in my new garden – especially as the copper begins to oxidise and get a nice patina on them.

Loads more labels and herb varieties to go…



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I am the mother of 4 wonderful people and a grandmother of 5 but sadly, my oldest grandchild died after a road traffic accident in 2010. I have been married to my wonderful husband – and my best friend – since 1981. I have always been creative – for as far back as I can remember – and having spent many years as a ‘mature art student’ and finally graduating in 2007, I spent some time working on my own range of pure silver jewellery. Recent events called a halt to my silver work and in many ways my desire to do anything creative but I realise now that I need to be making things again. I am hoping that this year's Thing-a-Day will help me back onto the creative pathway.


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