Charlie visits Roland Park



Explored a new part of Roland Park today. It’s a big neighborhood and these houses are mostly not stone like the first ones. They are closer together and the neighborhood has a more informal feeling. Wooden garages may need painting and the cedar shakes and slate roofs may be missing a piece here or there but it’s still a very tony place. The gutters are made mostly with stone though as you can see here, some have brick as well. Charlie is not impressed.


I really liked this massive low turret balcony/porch thing. I’m a sucker for turrets. Again, Charlie, not impressed.




About Susan Brandt

I am an artist concentrating on hand-painting silk. I sell online (, at craft shows and in shops. I don't have a plan for Thing-A-Day 2014, though, as always, it will most likely involve new hand-painted silk stuff.


  1. I am also a sucker for a good turret! But the curb/gutter/sidewalk stones are also beautiful. Charlie is also beautiful!

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