#20: Dreams summary

Summary of our previous days of dreaming :)



We won’t be publishing pictures any more, I’ll spend the rest of Feb working on table calendar based on the pictures we already have (probably will share progress with you here). Plus we’d like to “utilize” our little illustrations in some nice way: magnets, greeting cards, home decoration, scrapbooking – these are some of the ideas…

Thanks everybody for following our “project” and commenting! (especially Susan!) :)



  1. Nice!!! Can’t wait to see the table calendar and whatever else you were planning to do with your awesome little illustrations.

  2. Awww. I’m really going to miss my daily peek at a peaceful Mila :) I’m so glad you liked my comments, I was afraid you might think I was stalking!

    I love your illustrations and felt it presumptuous to say that you really should be doing something with them – perhaps you are already a professional. They remind me of an updated Richard Scarry who I loved as a kid. I saw a combination live action and illustrated story, especially with the little car critters.

    I’d forgotten my other bit of accumulated knowledge – besides sleeping when she sleeps, make sure you keep doing that – for several years the little guys seem to go through stages that last 2 weeks. Loves strained carrots, two weeks, then just when you’ve laid in a supply of strained carrots, won’t touch them. Cries for a heart wrenching hour and a half for no discernible reason at 5pm every day, two weeks (though do check with a pediatrician with things like this, just in case). Loves the little whats-it-toy and can be distracted from anything by it, 2 weeks. The point is that everything, good and bad, seemed to last 2 weeks. Remember that when things are tough and it’s easier to get through.

    Only two pieces of unsolicited advice, not too bad, I think :)

  3. Susan, I’m not a professional, though it would be cool to become illustrator some day (shhh, that’s my secret dream :))). So thank you for your support, that inspires indeed.
    And thanks for kids-related advices, I’ll keep it all in mind! :)

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