Patchwork scarf



As Mish-Mish is demonstrating I sample my paint colors on 12″x12″ silk squares. This leads to lots of colorful silk squares all dressed up and nowhere to go. I’ve made pillows out of them and hair scrunchies and sold them individually. A friend and very good customer asked for a scarf with some squares sewn together. She wanted all sorts of sizes, directions and color families and here it is. I hope she likes it. I haven’t shown it to her yet. Shhhh, don’t tell her anything.

My parasols came in the mail today. Hopefully I will have something on them to show you tomorrow. I’m so excited.





About Susan Brandt

I am an artist concentrating on hand-painting silk. I sell online (, at craft shows and in shops. I don't have a plan for Thing-A-Day 2014, though, as always, it will most likely involve new hand-painted silk stuff.


  1. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I really like the muted, bleeding coloured square that Mish-mish is expertly modelling.

    • Thanks. That’s taste for you. My friend/customer specifically wanted ‘not bleeding’. Everyone likes something different and no one is wrong. Of course, it means we makers of things have to make everything.

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