Today I used crumpled cling film on my Gelli plate. It gives fantastic textural results.

Below I’ve put 4 photos of different prints (out of many). I particularly like the 1st print as it reminds me of ice fractals. Again, it is something that I’ve enjoyed doing because of its complete unpredictability.

Underneath, I’ve featured one particular print. It was a print using greens with a touch of flow enhancer. Layed on top was a print from a 3rd generation print in copper acrylic (after been spritzed with water to clean the Gelli plate). (No 5)

I sketched a fern leaf on tracing paper from one of my previous monoprints (No6) and then placed it over the green print. Then I pasted it on using watered down pva glue to continue the crumpled theme.

tad200213c1p tad200213c2p

I would like to say that I first found out about the Gelli plate from following Jane Lafazio on her blog and on Facebook. She is an amazing mixed media artist and I love her art. My mixed media pieces for Thing-a-day has been inspired by her work. This isn’t sycophantic – just truth :-)  Google her and see for yourselves!


About bubblemunch

I live in the historic city of York. I enjoy most things arty and crafty and am greatly inspired by nature.


  1. I love the way the cling wrap worked on this. I am almost ready to succumb to the Gelli…….

  2. ;-) Go for it dearie – you won’t regret it! I feel like an Ambassador for Gelli plate!!

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