10: and then

10.1: husband says he wants to try paradise loop with me and decides to ride across the bridge with me (instead of driving and meeting up in Sausalito)
10.2: it was a really clear and sunny day for riding
10.3: and the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge was open (so we wouldn’t have to stress-ride through pedestrians)
10.4: shared fish and beef tacos and some fries in Sausalito
10.5: then we rode the bike path next to the canal – such a beautiful path
10.6: stopped by a grocery store to get snacks and found Girl Scout cookies!
10.7: stopped in downtown Tiburon for coffee and enjoyed a clear view to SF
10.8: husband decided he was going to take the ferry back from there and I was going to ride back and meet him at home but when we got back to the parked bikes, I discovered I had a flat (and already knew I didn’t have a spare tube). No problem, walked to the only bike shop in the neighborhood to find them closed for winter(!!!)… So, I didn’t end up riding home but I did have a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge on the ferry ride home.
10.9: AND it was an extra 2 hours hanging out with the hubs (even though he would not have minded meeting back up later)
10.10: the ferry got us back to the city in time for me to ride my husband’s bike to a still open bike shop to get some tubes
10.11: so that I can fix my flat and get to my meetings on time tomorrow. Whew!

What a great day it’s been!

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i love to: make friends | uplift women | make things | ride bikes.

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