8+9: every 2 days, then

8.1. Received a rejection letter. I mostly knew it was coming but I still felt officially introduced to a new process
8.2. I had 1 in person meeting scheduled on Friday that i found out 5 minutes beforehand -when i was already standing outside for 5minutes- that the other person was running 30 minutes late. I cancelled to keep my schedule in tact but then I had time to eat and suddenly rediscovered a quick $3 lunch+dessert option (dim sum bakery!)
8.3. I didn’t quite make it to the post office on time but I did spend a few more hours getting another project completed.

9.1. Brunch with a friend I hadn’t seen since dec2011
9.2. Found another street to explore in my neighborhood during my…
9.3. Walk with the hubs to the grocery to get Boston creme cake (a craving) where we…
9.4. Finally walked into a meat market we’ve been wanting to visit. We’d filled our packs with groceries so well have to come back to try it

About karizmatic

i love to: make friends | uplift women | make things | ride bikes.

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