Thingy (6 &) 7

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Well… my thing 6 was some lame heart wreaths I made at work (while having a particularly bad day) then I went out with a friend and had a few ciders until I felt better. Alcoholism? well… no one’s perfect. Tonight I worked on some salt dough things– pendants? I’m not sure. I’ll do this again, and try to perfect it. These still need to be painted. I’m also making a special Valentine with a box of chocolates… but more pendants or something in place of the chocolates. They’ll have sweet things on them– good qualities or cute pictures… I’m not sure, we’ll see as it goes. Those are still baking. They’re thick, so they’re taking awhile. I also made many more Valentine’s. One being a really awesome (or at least I hope it turns out that way) Valentine for my son and his father. They took “pictures” laying on a Xerox machine, but those papers are just hanging around on the fridge slowly getting ruined. I want to collage some imagery of the galaxy by my son’s face and, because it reminds me of the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, I’ll be painting (or something), “Oh God, it’s full of stars” across the middle. This will end up being some kind of plaque or something…. maybe I’ll screw some hooks in the bottom and it’ll be a hanging thingy. We’ll see how that evolves this next week. I feel as though I might be slipping, but I’m trying not to lose my motivation. Day seven and I’ve *really* made (more than) one thing a day. I’m feeling accomplished and 1/4 of the way done. (Following through is an issue for me!) I’m done with this therapy rant :P


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