Help keep Thing-a-Day going by donating a little something! We don’t need a lot, a couple of donations can already make a big difference and pay for this year. Our WordPress costs include space upgrades ($20-50), a custom design ($30), domain costs ($20) and an extra to keep this space ad-free ($30).

Click the button above (or this link) to reach Paypal and make a small – but much appreciated – donation! Any funds received beyond the limit of this year’s costs will go into safekeeping for future iterations of Thing-a-Day.

Update, feb 22nd: Thanks for everyone who contributed, it’s very much appreciated.We got a total of 15 donation for 152$ approximately. So we’re good to go for this year. Thanks again!


About Thing-a-Day

Thing-a-day is a yearly collective creative sprint where participants create one new thing daily and post it on this collective blog. Thing-a-day has been running on various online platforms since 2006.


  1. bubblemunch

    Small amount donated. :-) Thanks for keeping TAD going.

  2. 7 years I have done thing a day and I love i!
    Just donated $20… if you get more than you need to hold the domain for next year you guys should take yourselves out to dinner!

  3. This is only my second year–but TAD helps make February more bearable! Donation made, and thank you for carrying this on.

  4. Small donation made. Wish it could be more. I get so much done having this format and the TADers keeping an eye that I produce something every day.

  5. It would be nice to get an update on this. Did we make the goal, did we get close, did we blow it away?

  6. Thing-a-Day

    Hello everyone, thanks so much for your very valuable contributions and support. We’ve got 15 donations from 1$ to 28$ each – with a total of 152$ so far. Definitely covering our bare costs, including domain etc. Thank you all for this.

    • So pleased to hear that you’ve received some more donations and that your base costs have been paid for. I do hope that further donations from fellow participants can help towards next year and perhaps a celebratory meal for you guys. Thanks for organising TAD – you don’t know what it means to me x

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