Testing for TAD 2013

BrainstormTest Test Testing 1 2 3.

A little trouble remember my password but here I am.  Pretty excited to do it a 6th time.  I have been collecting ideas, items and iterations.



  1. looking forward to 2013 t.a.d. not sure what I am doing yet.

  2. carrie

    Exited to do thing-a-day again!

  3. Is if actually happening in 2013!?
    Hope so…
    Lemme know!

  4. mojogoing

    I hope it is happening too, I really look forward to it.

  5. I’m both looking forward to it, and remembering how hard it was last year by about day 21 or so–ha ha! Hope it’s on for 2013!

  6. bubblemunch

    I’m really looking forward to TAD 2013 too! I’ve got plenty of things lined up to keep me busy :-)

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