The Future of Thing-A-Day

First – Congratulations to everyone for completing another successful Thing-a-day sprint!
It’s been fun and challenging as always.

If we would give a favourite project award, it would go to Dubi Kaufmann for his amazing series of flying objects!!! Go Dubi!

Now on to some more serious matters

This has been our 6th year of running Thing-a-day. We do this on a voluntary basis, and at times it has become more time-demanding than we would wish for. There is promotion, communication, design, website development, user management, etc. – all small to medium tasks that in the end add up to more than expected.

Therefore we would like to open the discussion to everyone on how you imagine the future of Thing-a-Day. We’ve tested different platforms (wordpress hosted, self-hosted, posterous, ..) over the years, and none seem to fulfill all the wished-for criteria. We also would be looking for new collaborators interested in taking the project into their hands.

Some Questions to consider

Are you already looking forward to Thing-a-day 2013?

What would you do if there would be no official Thing-a-day platform in 2013?

Could you imagine taking over some/all of the tasks connected to running Thing-a-day?

Do you happen to know the perfect multi-user online platform that would do all we want it to do?

Would you contribute a bit of $$ to get Thing-a-day 2013 running?

Let’s discuss!


About Thing-a-Day

Thing-a-day is a yearly collective creative sprint where participants create one new thing daily and post it on this collective blog. Thing-a-day has been running on various online platforms since 2006.


  1. I would like to commend you on your work. You seem to make Thing-a-day go off without a hitch every year.

    In response to your questions:
    I would be genuinely sad if there was no Thing-a-day next year. I will admit that every year when I finish I wonder if this is my last year doing it, but every year I get so excited for February to roll around so I can participate, I know I would be sad to see it go.

    I do have a personal blog that I post all of my TAD projects to. If there as no official TAD I might consider doing the month long marathon on my own, but without the feedback that comes from the TAD community I wonder if I would finish or be as diligent.

    I would be interested to know in more detail what the tasks/commitments are for running Thing-a-day. It is easy to say, “yes, I would take that on”, but without a full understanding of the commitment, saying and doing are two different things. That being said, if my help would keep TAD going next year I would be happy to help with that responsibility.

    When you asked back in January about platforms I wondered about mentioning a “social media” platform as opposed to going blog-based. A group and/or page in Facebook, or a service like Ning that would allow you build a more specialized online community might give you more of the functionality you are looking for.

    I would be willing to “donate” to Thing-a-day, but I would worry that making it “pay to participate” would deter people, especially new people.

    Whatever happens with Thing-a-day next year, I have enjoyed and appreciated the experience every year I have had the pleasure of participating.

  2. Terri Greenberg

    I would absolutely participate. I would consider a donation charge, but as “elusive blue” said, I would make it a good will kind of thing because I would hate for someone to be unable to play.

    I’m not knowledgeable enough to suggest a platform, but I can say one thing that I liked about Posterous was that once I figured how to do it, I could get email about the artists I was particularly following rather than EVERYONE. When I had time, I could look at it all, but by following a few via email, I could be sure to never miss any of my favorites. I never figured out how to do that with Word Press and so received about a bajillion emails.

    I’m wondering if there isn’t some way to make a “web ring” so that those who have websites or blogs could post on their own platforms but still have some way to collectively post those who only do TAD.

    As far as helping, if you assigned a “Terri, please do THIS” sort of task or asked “can you do this, this or this” I could more easily determine if I had the skills and time for the task. I don’t want to say “no” right off the bat, but I am not sure what I could do or how I could help.

    I am already considering next year, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

  3. milliemollymandy

    I’ve enjoyed doing TaD 2012 and yes, I’m already looking forward to 2013. One of the key factors for me is that this is a communal project and I am just a part of it. If there wasn’t a TaD community I wouldn’t be able to keep up the momentum for the whole month. Also, I love seeing what other people are creating. Being able to ‘like’ and give feedback adds to the experience. (I agree about the flying objects – every day I checked to see what Dubi had done).

    I would be willing to make a voluntary contribution to future TaDs but don’t think I could undertake to help with the tasks involved in running it (some days just creating something is a huge challenge).

    I’ve liked wordpress but had a few technical problems (such as it suddenly stopping posting to facebook part way through the month). Also I don’t like the way that the text is posted so faintly, but that’s just a personal thing. However I do like the general appearance of the website and the option of being able to look at everything created by an individual contributor.

    I really hope that TaD continues in 2013 – it’s a project that I love being a part of.

  4. Yay Dubi!
    I would donate.

  5. Thing-a-Day

    Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback with this. We will try to post a list of what it takes to run Thing-a-day and take the pulse of how we can evolve things further. Thanks again, and please do keep the comments and suggestions coming.

  6. Terri Greenberg

    I posted right after TAD2012 closed. Still love the idea. Am wondering about TAD2013!

  7. Kimberly

    I’m wondering and hoping for TAD 2013 too! This would be my first year.

  8. I just started a similar project for my self (one creative thing every day) and I would love to contribute here now that I found this TAD.

  9. First of all Thank you for the kind words. If it wasn’t for the group dynamic I know that I would have not done all these gifs, TAD is very effective commitment device.
    I think that wp is a good platform. I’d donate to keep the premium account.

  10. Terri G

    Still hoping to hear about TAD2013! There is something more motivating (for me anyway) about being part of a bigger project. Any feedback from the founders?

  11. bubblemunch

    Unfortunately, I am unable to contribute in any practical sense to the running of TAD. You have done an incredible job. As well as taking part, I enjoy viewing everyone’s posts each day.
    To this end, I would be more than happy to contribute with a registration payment/donation even in these times of austerity! Your role is valuable and time consuming and I imagine it to be quite a headache in setting up each year.

  12. Are there any plans for a Thing-a-day 2013?

  13. I’m with chickennett… inquiring minds want to know!

  14. Terri G

    Still hoping for a response but wondering if we (those who posted and other like minded friends) couldn’t just, well, do it here? I mean, the site does say 2012, but it’s here and established already. Just thinking out loud, so to speak. I know I don’t have half a clue about what might be required, but I sure did have fun with the other TAD projects and would love to continue.

    • bubblemunch

      Hi Terri,

      If that were possible I would love to. The challenge for me is far more likely to be achieved through a group. One of the great motivating factors for me is the community spirit. Doing something creative daily just for myself has never been successful! I love the two-way feedback from the group & gain much pleasure seeing other people’s imagination and creativity at work. :-)

  15. bubblemunch

    I’ve just checked Tad’s twitter feed from last year and registration didn’t open until 27th Jan … So, here’s hoping …. :-)

  16. missmoun

    Hello Everyone, thanks for the comment. Will post an update later today but we’re hoping to get some help on running this year’s edition – and making sure you can all enjoy Thing a day in the future. Any volunteering welcome, especially if you’re confortable with WordPress, drop me a line!

  17. I wish I were comfortable with WordPress, but, alas, I’m more comfortable with blogger. I would, however, be willing to volunteer with things that I may be skillful in.

  18. mojogoing

    I would be willing to help.

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