Day Twenty-Nine: “Almost the End of Something”


The last day, and all I have to show are more little upcycled magazine wheels.  I’ll turn it into something….we’ll just see what happens.

I even had an extra day this year, and I still can’t believe the challenge is over.  I have so much that I still want to do.  I may just keep it going for as long as I have inspriration and not wait until next February.  The act of purposeful creation is so life-giving…like watching a seed grow.  Why limit that to just a month out of the year….much less, the SHORTEST month?!

Thanks, Thing-a-Dayers…being a part of this community for these 29 days was so affirming and encouraging.   Create On!


About rebeccacreates

Making things makes me happy. Making things for free, upcycling, repurposing, and being generally clever makes me even happier.

One comment

  1. Well done. I just reviewed your collection and good job. I love TAD and leap years.

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