All done!

This is absolutely mental.

This has been a CRAZY month for me, so I am so proud that I finished! I got a little repetitive and even re-made some hats I have made in the past, but who cares!? This is friggin’ awesome!

Most, if not all, of these hats are going to end up on Etsy. While I love my Blythes I don’t think I need 29 little hats! For more info, stay tuned to my blog. :)

Thanks to everyone for their support!


About Meagan

I am a gigantic nerd with a big heart. I'm also probably a bit crazy. I love my husband, crafts and TOYS (Blythe and Danbo are my absolute favorites)! That pretty much sums me up. : ) Check me out on my blog at or on my Flickr at


  1. Great job! You really commuted! How did you get all your days photos into one photo??

  2. Really cool job! :)

  3. Now I want a Blythe doll!

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