The long goodbye

It has been an eventful Thing-A-Day for me. Going from lots of ideas and many clever posts in my head to losing a hard drive and having to bow out completely was quite a shock. It sucks that I was not able to make it all the way, but there is little that can be done about that, except plan for next year. It was fun while it lasted, and hopefully I can be back next year. :)

I have had these pictures of me with an Abraham Lincoln beard on another machine for about ten days, so I figure I might as well end on a crazy bang. Here, completely unrelated to my saying goodbye, I present me, in honor of President’s day, dressed up with the facial hair of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

About Goku_Mizuno

I am an Astrophysicist, IT Programmer, and part-time Street Sweeper. I have been participating in TAD since TAD 2010, back when it was on Posterous. I liked the Posterous interface, we shall see how WordPress stacks up.

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