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laid out together

I am ending on a beginning.  While in Kyoto this winter I went to a monthly flea market at the Toji temple where I found some amazing silk pieces to turn into a skirt.  I bought 2 orange and 2 green silk pieces from a man selling blocks for making kimonos, I also picked up 2 hand dyed, spun, and knitted silk scarves.

My goal is to turn it into a two-layer wrap skirt. Today I worked on the first draft of my first skirt pattern.

I measured myself and the fabric referenced previous skirts I’ve made and sketched it out.  What I have so far is:

Green fabric (under layer) 14″ x 60″

Orange fabric (outer layer 14″ x 46″

My current skirts are about 17″ long, just above the knew.  I’m planning to cut the orange panel into four 18″ panels sew them together with a 1/4″ seam and press them into one continuous panel that is 18 long  x 46″ wide.  Then I will repeat that step with the green fabric cutting into 21″ long panels. I will stitch the two together along the unfinished sides, iron, roll over a 2 inch fold inward, iron and sew the folded area into a waist.  I’ll top stitch the waist panel.  I will  make belt loops out of the remnants.  I have a cute wooden button for closing the wrap skirt.  I think the trickiest part will be  hand sewing the button hole.  I might just borrow a friend’s machine for that step.

I will use the scarves as a belt.

We’ll see how this turns out.  It might take a few months to stitch by hand…

TAD 2012 has been so much fun.  I can’t wait for TAD 2013!  See y’all next year. I’ll keep going at http://hokeypokeytad.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/2929-1/

About hokeypokeytad

I've been making more things with more confidence and I feel like I am up to the challenge of another TAD. Here goes. I was inspired to make things I like by Ohbara, whose zakka still brighten my day.

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