Day 29: Last Thing-a-Day for 2012

Well, if you’d asked me in January I would not have expected to have been doing so much embroidery and cross stitch but that is what sounded like fun this month.

Earlier in the year, I had thought I would knit something, like a small toy every day, or make a small project from a recycled book from Playing with Books ( But I just wasn’t inspired to do either of those things when the time came to start posting.

Last year, my projects may have been more varied but this year I am happy with the process, the progress, the photos and the results.

Here is my completed Squirrel crossstitch (still have to insert the cigarette somewhere):

And here is side  2 of my Sashiko kit so far – still some fun stitching to do!

Thank you for a fun-filled month with 29 excuses to create something!

About nysakline

I am one of those people who tries to do too much: Mother, Wife, Student Pilot, Fine Bookbinder, Amateur Printer, International Wine Production Manager, Avid Crafter, Compulsive Photographer, etc.


  1. rubyzuandbadsnail

    heehee – that squirrel one cracks me up… :D

  2. The squirrel is awesome and would make any house a home. The Sashiko will look great. They are so classy.

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