Day 27, 28 & 29

This is it! The end! I successfully completed my fourth year of Thing-a-Day, this time with a theme. I’m really proud of myself.

For the last three days I made this simple trio of flowers. If you’ve enjoyed my work and want to see more (including what these flowers are going to be put together to make) won’t you please go check out my blog? This has been really fun and I look forward to seeing all you Thing-a-Day-ers next year!

Be blessed.

About erincomptondesign

Woman. Wife. Stay-at-home-master-of-all-awesome-and-raiser-of-babes. Truth chaser. Lake and Mountain Dweller. Pixie haircut aficionado. Addicted to emotions and butter pecan ice cream. Treasure finder. Director of happy fun times. Creative as all get out. EXCELLENT friend. Alright dancer. Terrible sleeper.

One comment

  1. would definitely wear one of these in my hair :)
    lovely idea
    hope you enjoyed your four years of crafty bits and bats :)

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