Day 26: A peaceful dream drawing

Didn’t you wish to live in this dream, only you and a beautiful horse in a big field of poppies enjoying every second of sunshine and the beauty of silence? Well I wish for this so bad, any from day by day I have the feeling that every creature is back to life from hibernating and every dream is on the way to come true

About murmuruca

I can't imagine my life without creating, art, imagination


  1. Love it! I feel the wind…

  2. gorgeous Ralu, I’m stunned by your talent over and over again…

  3. murmuruca

    Oh thank you so much girl! thanks dear Erika….i am all blushing:”>

  4. Yes. To be with a horse out in a field with nowhere and some where to go.

    Look at all you did this month. Amazing drawings. Keep at it. Well done on a month of TAD.

  5. Thank you so much means a lot for me…it is the first TAD for me and I can tell that was a excited experience, for sure i will come back next year! thank you again for your beautiful words!

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