hokeypokey 26/29

Enchilada dinnerhttp://hokeypokeytad.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/2629/

Today we turned the enchilada sauce into enchiladas!  It was awesome.  It took 48 hours to get the full flavor of the sauce, tortillas imported by a  friend returning from home, and a trip up north for cheese.  They were baked in a 9×9 brownie pan.  We got a dinner out of them, plus two portions of the sauce frozen for future dinners.

I also selected scraps to make a device cover  for a friend.

the selected pieces after ironing

I modeled it on one I made last year, but I am giving it more of a Japanese patchwork style.  I think I will line it with black satin so it doesn’t make lint and pad it with cotton batting.  This would be finished in less than an hour with my machine at home, but will take several days backstitching by hand.

I was talking to a friend who will be holding a small flea market here in May.  I think I might like to make a few things like this and try to get a small booth at his flea market.

About hokeypokeytad

I've been making more things with more confidence and I feel like I am up to the challenge of another TAD. Here goes. I was inspired to make things I like by Ohbara, whose zakka still brighten my day.

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