Day 25 Trolley book plate

I always wanted to design my own book plate but never actually got around to it until today.  Here is my first design.  I live right on the trolley lined street, and out of 6-8 different routes we have in the city, our route is the only one they use the classic design trolley cars just like this.

The trolley runs all night long, so the noise used to keep me up at night, but I’m amazed how I don’t even notice now…


Today, I also tried this new juice: Apple Ginger Mint juice!  I threw it all in a juicer and it came out so yummy!  The color is unappealing though…like  a swamp color of murky brown…! Since it is a saturday night, I added a shot of vodka (:P) to make it more fun. It went very well together! It would be a good drink to have outback when the summer arrives.


About kabablanket

I work at an academic library by day. It is a pretty sweet arrangement for me, because I go home at 4:30pm everyday and I get to do whatever I want after that. These days I mostly go home and work on my collages or drawings. I'm in process of becoming more disciplined about art., challenging myself to show up to create something everyday. I am a self-taught artist (it's so difficult for me to call myself an artist, but I'm trying). I look down when I'm walking (something I've always done) because I'm always on the look out for something interesting to pick up. Another one of my favorite past time is to go to library book sales and used book stores. I love magazines too. I want to do 1% better every day.


  1. leahmama1

    Don’t you ever sleep? How can a working girl do these time-consuming works? Old things are good and you preserved the old-style trolley for us to look at in years to come!! I might have to try this juice too. Give us the recipe?

  2. hm.. I should try this recipe as well! got some ginger and apples here!
    thanks for sharing!

    p.s. love your ex-libris draft!

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