Day 22: Ikea goodies

Yesterday I had so much fun with my friend in Ikea, but i am so piss that I didn’t took my camera so I can make nice pictures with home decoration but next time…I promisse!:)

Fist I am so so excited that I finally got a baldachin, which I dream for ages  and now I have it…the picture is for inspiration because I didn’t actually open it , because it will be for my new apartment from Cluj when I will move in april…but it look the same!

Then i bought a beautiful flowerpot , a chic and simple vase and cute boxes for keeping all the stuff that I’ve collected from time to time!! The final result=me happy!:)


About murmuruca

I can't imagine my life without creating, art, imagination


  1. I too love visiting Ikea and I too have that pretty white lace flower pot!

  2. Ok… I confess that i have many Ikea white lace flower pot and white candles… :p

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