T-A-D 22: “Biggest Loser” Pancakes

Because I work late today, this morning I followed a “Biggest Loser” pancake recipe. These pancakes were made with egg whites, cottage cheese, and oats, all entertainingly whirled in a blender.


The only problem I had was that we lacked both vanilla and syrup, and so I added pumpkin pie spice to the batter and my roomie and I garnished them with thawed frozen berries, almond slices, and a small bit of honey.

Would I make this recipe again? Totally! I love how hearty and nourishing these were! However, I would definitely include vanilla, add a dash of salt and a little more sugar (half a teaspoon for the whole thing? Negative, commander). I’d also garnish with a small bit of maple syrup and fresh fruit (peaches, banana, etc.) instead of honey. Honey is delightful, but the flavor is not complex enough.

Oh, and I also added some powdered flax seed. But don’t you think chia would make the texture more fun? :)

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