hokeypokey 22/29

Another day of making finished!  I took my bike in for a tune-up, got a helmet, lights, and oiled things up. The bike was a gift from a friend who was leaving.  It rides well, but is a bit rusty and clunky.  The “tune-up” was just the man tightening a brake cable and oiling the chain.  I’ll have to find another shop to work on the gear shifters and what not.  I also made the multi-grain bread dough again.  I’ll bake that up tomorrow night.

Mike has my cold so I tried my hand at Pho Ga, but it  was pretty bland.  I think I’ll try another recipe sometime.

I finished framing the embroidery. After reading several “how-to” websites I decided to keep it simple and stay away from glue.  I just basted the excess, pulled it tight and tied it off.

I also began a draft of my craft suitcase. I hot glued decorative clips to the top to sort my notions, but I need a few more clips.  I might also put some ties up there for tools like my ruler and slots for my glue sticks and what nots.   I think I’ll use more bins to sort things so it stays tidy and organized.  We have very little storage and working space in our place so the case has been wonderful.  No matter how tidy we are everything gets a dusting of cat hair.  I like how the case is one more layer of cat hair protection.

craft case beginning


About hokeypokeytad

I've been making more things with more confidence and I feel like I am up to the challenge of another TAD. Here goes. I was inspired to make things I like by Ohbara, whose zakka still brighten my day.

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