Day 16: Beet Foam

Today I tried to make Beet Foam.  Why?  I don’t really know.  I guess because I have an abundance of Soy Lethicin, which seems to be mainly useful for making foams.  Hopefully I have more success with my future foaming experiments, but today’s didn’t work. 


I don’t even want to go into much detail because I have no idea what I did wrong – it was a pretty simple recipe.  Maybe I will figure out the err of my ways as I try new foams.  I blended 1 can of beets into a puree, added one packet of Soy Lethicin, and then used my immersion blender.  You are then supposed to get glorious amounts of foam.  I got nuthin’.


However, there was a happy discovery.  Cut bread into fourths and top with blue cheese crumbles.  Place in a 225* oven and let set for about five minutes until bread is dried out a bit and crunchy.  Remove from the oven (blue cheese doesn’t really melt, so don’t wait for it to melt.  It won’t).  Sprinkle with Italian seasoning and devour.


SO YUMMY. Beats the way I normally eat blue cheese- out of the container.  Now I am nervous because I have an entire loaf of bread calling my name.  It will take a lot of willpower to limit myself to a few slices a day.


Speaking of willpower, I also have my favorite tomatoes cooking in the oven which I can hardly keep myself from eating as they cook.  Slice roma tomatoes in half, so you have two ovals (I think that is lengthwise).  Use as many as you want – I love these so much I do about 10 at a time.  Toss with olive oil and your favorite spices.  I use salt, cumin, and some red chili flakes to make them spicy.  Lay on a cookie sheet and bake at 225* for SIX HOURS.  These get better over time.  Start with as many as you can handle, because I always end up eating about half as they cook.  Right now they have been in the oven 3 hours and I have already eaten three tomatoes.  However, at 22 calories a tomato, these are an amazing snack and one of my favorite foods!

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