Day 18 Cleaning my work room

I woke up today and realized the cereal box was empty.  But lucky for me, i remembered that i have a pack of Natto (Fermented soybeans….and yes, it stinks!).  So i made a “Nattoast” which is my own special recipe.  I cut up some baguette and spread a layer of Japanese kewpie mayonnaise and spread some Natto, and sprinkle some sesame and pop it in the toaster.  I know, it is very hard to imagine how this might taste…I will just say that it is an acquired taste! Rob usually stays away while i eat these. lol.

Today was our first book club meeting.  As I wrote yesterday, I had to cram all the reading in for it last night, but it turns out half of the group hadn’t finish the book. But we had many good discussion on various topics over champagne and cheese, as well as yummy pan cake the host made for us, and some quiche and blueberry muffins that other members brought. It was a good time!

Then, on the way home, we stopped in Chinatown in hope of trying the new Ramen place that opened up to get a bowl of noodle, but they were closed….so we went to another new spot in Chinatown that serves Korean fare.   They  have Korean fried Chicken (also known as KFC :) which was really crispy and good (probably 5000 calories right here).  We each had two.

We decided to not hold back and order, so we split a spicy soup with vermicelli noodles called Yook Kae Jang and Black bean sauce noodles (Jajyangmyun) which was pretty mediocre though we finished most of it :P

Once we got home, I felt like I needed to burn some calories, so I decided to clean my VERY MESSY work room where I make my collages.  This is REALLY embarrassing, but to get a full effect, I think you’ll have to see the BEFORE picture of my studio…Just to defend myself, this is where i usually go thorough all my papers for my collage everyday, and because I’ve been busy btwn work and doing my TAD, i haven’t had a chance to tidy up in a while…with that being said, here is the BEFORE…

And this is AFTER.  It’s still cluttered b/c I have a lot of stuff (making of a hoarder?!) but it is much more in control now.


Here is around the work table.  BEFORE…

…and AFTER

ah, i feel much better now!


About kabablanket

I work at an academic library by day. It is a pretty sweet arrangement for me, because I go home at 4:30pm everyday and I get to do whatever I want after that. These days I mostly go home and work on my collages or drawings. I'm in process of becoming more disciplined about art., challenging myself to show up to create something everyday. I am a self-taught artist (it's so difficult for me to call myself an artist, but I'm trying). I look down when I'm walking (something I've always done) because I'm always on the look out for something interesting to pick up. Another one of my favorite past time is to go to library book sales and used book stores. I love magazines too. I want to do 1% better every day.


  1. kikimartuck

    Wow! Great job with the clean up!! Aren’t all artists hoarders in the making? We have to save stuff we might use in the future — or for inspiration!! ; )

    • kabablanket

      Thanks Kikimartuck! I’m glad u can relate! it’s true, it’s hard to throw stuff away sometimes b/c i see the potential in everything…!

  2. Pinterest has turned me into a hoarder. I just know I will find something to make with a glass bottle, toilet paper tube, etc :) I have been cooking as my TAD and my kitchen is a mess so it is nice to know I’m not the only one having trouble making time for my TAD and cleaning up after! Your clean up job is GREAT though!

    • Wow, i didn’t know about the Pinterest. I just looked it up and now this is gonna make my hoarding problem worse ;P I love it, it’s full of inspirations. Oh, and it makes me feel so much better to know that i’m not the only one with a mess! Thanks!

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