Day 14: Chocolate Fail

I totally messed this one up because I couldn’t find my syringe anywhere!! That is something you don’t hear yourself say very often.

However, this is really easy and I think I could have pulled it off no problem if I had my syringe.

Here is how you make it:

1) Boil 3/4 cup water and one packet Agar Agar.

2) When at a boil, add 85 grams dark chocolate (about 9 standard size squares of chocolate), and one tablespoon of alcohol of your choice.  I used creme de cocoa.  Kahlua, Tia Maria, or Raspberry liquer would all be good choices.

3) Stir until melted together.  My chocolate melted quickly – be careful it doesn’t burn.

4) Pour into a tall glass.  Using your syringe, suck up the mixture and push into the tubes (you might even be able to try pushing it into a straw if you don’t have tubes).  Put in an ice bath for 3 minutes, then push out using syringe.  Voila! Chocolate spaghetti.

I got to the “pour into a tall glass” step and realized I have NO idea where I put my syringe.  Instead, I covered a personal sized angel food cake with the chocolate.  This solified into a nice layer, then I added whipped cream and strawberries, plus some decorative splashes of chocolate.  Absolutely delicious but nowhere near as cool as it could have looked.

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