TAD 14 Stone Pins

Have had a lovely Valentine’s Day – meditation and yoga in the morning, went to see Black Violin with my daughter and grandson this afternoon, and spent some time painting a few more stone pins.  There have been a few Valentines, too.  What fun!

Hope your day has been satisfying, too!

About beckynielsen

late blooming artist, grandmother to many little ones


  1. rubyzuandbadsnail

    oh, I love violets! And a trillium? You are totally bringing back my childhood walks through the woods in PA… thank you!!

  2. beckynielsen

    Yes, my grandson and I love to go looking for them (the trillium) in the spring. Jack in the pulpits are always a treat, too!

  3. Terri Greenberg

    These are lovely! I do, however, miss the Chinese Brush paintings and note that this appears to be your most recent post! Will there be more paintings? I hope so!

    I think I think that you are near Philadelphia for some reason. I am too, and I’d be interested in knowing where you are taking the classes. Could you share that info?

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