Day 14: Geek Love

It seems nowadays that there is this battle between the people that celebrate Valentine’s Day and those that are against it, for various reasons.

I used to be part of the latter category. I was mostly against it due to all the consumerism surrounding this holiday. But, as time goes by we change aka grow up and begin to see things differently and accept them for what they are.

So now, I’m thinking why shouldn’t we have a special day to celebrate love? – or more, if you adopt holidays from other cultures, as is V-day for Romanians, whom also have their love-celebrating-day in 24th February.

Sure, you’ll say that you can do that every other day of the year and I’m sure that true love really is celebrated all year round, but that doesn’t mean that a designated day to celebrate love is such a bad thing. That is, if you leave out the social pressure and all consumerism stuff.

Oh,  I almost forgot with all this self-debating. Today, I made a love-inspired illustration featuring Mia as a chic-geek with heart shaped glasses, pony tale on the side, faux-fox collar to keep her warm on the way to the library, her mustard coat and in love with books.

I hope you had a full of chocolates Valentine’s Day!


P.S. I got M&Ms :)



  1. Ohhh she is so so cute! adorable…buuuutttt I am against fox colars…i hope it;s a “fake”one:))

  2. Thank you dear!
    Oh, it’s fake of course.. I’m not a fan of natural fur either :)

  3. Love the faux fox collar!

  4. I love heart shaped glasses!

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