Day 13: Fox love card

Even if I am not a fan of Valentine’s day this card is just perfect for love celebration. I’ve said that I am not a fun because we don’t have Valentine’s Day but we have Dragobete on 24 February so people from Romania should celebrate then love day not now, but everybody is doing what they want, it’s a free country right? Or?:)

I’ve seen this picture on internet and I found it very cute and I’ve said to my self that I have to do a card with this drawing, it’s to cute to not do it. And here it is!

About murmuruca

I can't imagine my life without creating, art, imagination


  1. I agree with you…We have a lovely tradition on Dragobete. For me and my husband today is a ordinary day

  2. That is very good! Our tradion and the story of Dragobete it’s much interesting:) muahahhaha!:)

  3. We have every day to celebrate love, not only V day or Dragobete!Right?

  4. You are super right Eugenia!:)

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