12: Citizens United

My oldest son had a school project he wanted help making happen.

The Story

Well, it’s a pretty grim story, and you probably already know it. In January of 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of Citizens United against the Federal Election Commission, and by doing so, gave certain rights of personhood to corporations. The effect has been quick and strong, and more than ever before, companies are able to buy politicians and drive politics. When my 15 year old was given the assignment to make a 3D art piece about the constitution, this is what came to him. I sure do love that kid. He’s a savvy young man with a good sense of design to boot. He did all the design work on this piece, and I helped make the sock-puppet donkey and elephant.


About Meguey

I restore, conserve, or complete vintage textiles, as well as create new ones. I have 3 sons, 3 cats, 3 computers and 6 sewing machines. I also write and play role-playing games,

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