Day 10: A drawing for A dreamer

Day 10

For day 10 I made a special drawing for a special girl, she is a cute lady, full of mystery and like her nick name sais: A dreamer! She asked me if I can do a drawing for her with a blond hair girl taking pictures with her Diana F+ camera! And to not forget  she has cat printed dress!:)

She didn’t saw the drawing yet but I hope she will pe pleased! I love when I am doing something for someone and after that I can see a smile from them and joy! It’s a nice feeling.

The drawing is with black ink and coloured pencils on A4 paper.


About murmuruca

I can't imagine my life without creating, art, imagination


  1. Oh my, this is really great!

    I’m sure she’ll love it! :)

  2. Thank you dear! I hope so! I am looking forward to to know her review!

  3. What a great drawing. Just makes you want to know her.

  4. thank you for your nice words, you can actually “meet” her here:

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