Day 10 Setting up for fun-a-day exhibition

Sorry for the blurry picture!

I was running around all day yesterday trying to get things done.  My thing a day was setting up for fun-a-day exhibition!  Different cities in America host Fun-A-Day but it was originated here in Philly, started by artists called The Artclash Collective.  It’s just like “Thing a day” but you decide to do one thing (Draw, Make pie a day, write a poem a day etc etc) everyday for the month of January.  All those who participated gets to exhibit their work in the 2nd week of February, and this happens to be the weekend.  This year’s their eighth exhibition, and it’s my first!

I took a personal day off of work on Friday and began my busy day.  I attended a funeral in early afternoon, and from there, I went straight home to get things ready for tonight and headed over to Studio 34 on Baltimore ave to put my work up.  This is my first time doing this, so I was a bit nervous, but not for long as people there were so friendly and I got to chat up with other participants and they are some amazing artists/works there!  Rob was so nice to come help me set up as soon as he became available, so everything went pretty smooth.  I was going to come back later  that night  for the Opening, but I got so exhausted that I just decided to get a bottle of wine, go to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Lee How Fook in Chinatown and ate salt baked squid, beef pan fried noodles and some dumplings.  After we went home, I pretty much passed out.

For all those who live in Philly, tonight is the last day of the exhibition, so be sure to stop by to check out some amazing works by the locals!!  Studio 34-  4522 Baltimore ave.  West Philly    2/11  7pm-11pm

I will report more on the actual exhibition tonight!


About kabablanket

I work at an academic library by day. It is a pretty sweet arrangement for me, because I go home at 4:30pm everyday and I get to do whatever I want after that. These days I mostly go home and work on my collages or drawings. I'm in process of becoming more disciplined about art., challenging myself to show up to create something everyday. I am a self-taught artist (it's so difficult for me to call myself an artist, but I'm trying). I look down when I'm walking (something I've always done) because I'm always on the look out for something interesting to pick up. Another one of my favorite past time is to go to library book sales and used book stores. I love magazines too. I want to do 1% better every day.

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  1. You did it!! It looks great! Be better with more space, but I know you make a great use of the space made available to you! You should congratulate yourself on completing such a big project!

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