TAD 8 Crow Flying Through Bamboo

Learning through practice and errors, I’m enjoying playing with different papers, strokes, and images.  I’m discovering for myself some things that work and some that don’t.  I was struggling with leaves, and then had some very rythmic music on one morning and found myself matching brushstrokes to the beat – and it got better.

Today I was looking at brush painting by masters – and it could get discouraging – but instead it was inspiring.  Back to practice. 


About beckynielsen

late blooming artist, grandmother to many little ones


  1. Terri Greenberg

    These are really quite lovely… This is an art form I’ve been kind of itching to try. Are you studying from a book or taking a class? I’d love to know.

  2. Becky nielsen

    I’m taking a class for a couple of months, which is very helpful. won’t be able to continue after this month, but hope that by then I will know enough to continue on my own with the help of Internet, books, and maybe an occasional lesson. It really is fun and very relaxing. My teacher is a retired art teacher who started doing this a number of years ago when she saw it advertised as something to help you relax. Hope you will be able to give it a try!

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