WiseGirl Day 7 — Coloring In the Zentangle

I decided I wanted to color this in Photoshop! So to get started, I got the lines set up on their own layer and have laid down several layers containing the base colors. Kind of using a comic style coloring technique. It’s far from done! I’m going to color in lots of details and add all kinds of gradient awesomeness. Some of the colors might change too…

Zentangle Initial Colors


About Rachelle Wise

Web developer and digital marketing consultant. I love solving problems, motorcycles, lifting weights, sunshine and good cheer. Let's be friends!

One comment

  1. I see! You made this on Day 5. It looks totally amazing in color. If I lived in America someone would teach me to use Photoshop! Anyway, this reminds me of the psychedelic days of my youth! It’s really cool!

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