WiseGirl Day 5 — First Zentangle Attempt

I’ve been seeing these doodles on various websites, and there’s even a class being taught at my favorite local rubber stamping store. I don’t have time to take a class on it, but I’ve wanted to try it out for ages! So here goes, my first Zentangle for my Thing-A-Day #5!


I think I was a little uptight about it because it was the first one I ever made, but I can definitely see how doing this kind of drawing would have calming effects. I’ll plan on working on some Zentangles next time I’m bored in a meeting… On another day, I think I’ll go back and color this in. That would be fun too! ^_^

About Rachelle Wise

Web developer and digital marketing consultant. I love solving problems, motorcycles, lifting weights, sunshine and good cheer. Let's be friends!


  1. They can be addicting….. but I hear what you are saying about being uptight about first attempts at them.

  2. i hadn’t heard of these before, your first attempt looks great! did you try to follow their methodology or did you create your own process?

  3. beckynielsen

    Very cool stuff! You’ve made a great beginning, and I can see the attraction. I followed your link to the site and watched a couple of the you tube videos they recommended, too. I always have a small drawing pad with me, will make sure i have some pens with me, too.

  4. Terri Greenberg

    I’m a CZT – Certified Zentangle Teacher – so naturally, I highly recommend the art form. This is lovely! The thing I like best about Zentangle is that it’s really impossible to do it wrong.

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