5: Singing

Well, it would be, if I could figure out how to upload an audio file from my phone – wacky modern technology!

The Story:

We gathered together as we often did, of a Sunday evening, to sing and share good company. On this particular evening,w e were all thinking of spring, which seems to be right around the corner, yet that feels odd in February! So we sang this lovely song with a lilt and a sway that is just a joy to sing. And as we sang, I remembered 20 years ago, when this same song was sung at my wedding. The spring in my heart is constant, even if the weather is fickle.

The song lyrics


About Meguey

I restore, conserve, or complete vintage textiles, as well as create new ones. I have 3 sons, 3 cats, 3 computers and 6 sewing machines. I also write and play role-playing games,

One comment

  1. beckynielsen

    How wonderful to gather with others to sing! Just for the joy of it! I’ve only done that on rare occasions in my life and wish my friends and family were more interested – singing at home or in the car with the little ones is about as much as I manage.
    Glad you had such a lovely evening, complete with memories!

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