Day 4

Today Amelie made another felt creature, this time it’s a key chain charm   – little bird. She made most of it by herself, I just helped her with the last stitches .   I made brownies with little hearts stencils , sweet and yummy test cake  before Valentine’s Day :)

About anetaamelie

Spending days on making and, food, photos, and lots of cozy and fun stitches. I have 4 kids, so to make my life more busy and more interesting, I have decided to always be inspired to create. For now my work reflects children, their joy of life, colors, discoveries and adventures. Please, bare with me on this fascinating marathon ...lets do it..lets make it happen 'thing-a-day' :) This year, Amelie , my oldest daughter is joining me for the marathon 'thing-a-day'. It's great to have a partner :). My Etsy store My blog


  1. that bird is adorable! (and is there a strategy to preserving a cake and still eat it?)

  2. Thanks, yes Amelie is very proud of her little project :) As it comes to the cake…well it is already gone, it was just a test, and I must say the cake passed and will be baked again many times in the near future, the only thing that I can preserve is the photo :), that actually turned out really yummy-looking :)

  3. This bird looks very professional !
    Congratulation Amelie
    About the brownie …mouth watering… and it is 9 o clock here lol.. I am telling you this is not good:P
    can’t wait for your next projects

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