Day 5: Miso from Scratch

It’s a big job, soaking the beans overnight and cooking them for 5 hours. The you have to grind them, cool and add the dried koji, which is like the yeast that ferments it. It will be ready to eat in about 6 months, gradually fermenting in a dark place as the weather gets warmer. January or February is the best time to do it. In this picture , you can see the finished product which is actually last year’s miso. It is delicious for soup or as a topping on tofu and other foods. I wish you could all taste it!

About leahmama1

I love to cook Japanese food, vegan food and all kinds of cake and bread. My sourdough rye bread is my favorite. And this year's project is taking photos of the Japanese countryside, events and people here. I have lived in Japan for 46 years ! I love to have people drop in to cook, eat or just chat!


  1. Wow! I love miso. I had no idea it takes so much time!

  2. kabablanket

    Someday I will attempt at it….but wow, it is a big job… nice job!

  3. I wish I had the patience to learn and make all the amazing food you are posting! I had no idea miso took so long. It looks very good!

  4. I’d be glad to teach you if you are ever in Hiroshima.

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